Are you a NGO? We have so much to offer! 

Publish your volunteer works in HelpUp

Plan volunteer activities and publish them in HelpUp’s app, where you will gain visibility amongst many young people and you will be able to recruit volunteers. 

In the app, users will be able to rather register themselves in your volunteer work from the app itself, or will be able to contact you by telephone if you prefer to get to know them before the activity. *

With HelpUp, you will not only modernize your NGO. You will also increase your visibility amongst a young and passionate audiance. 

*(We offer access to a comfortable website in which you will be able to program and manage your volunteer works in a comfortable way)

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Gain visibility amongst a young audience

HelpUp will make your NGO more known. Not only through the app and social media, but also in our conferences and schools. 

Belonging in the HelpUp network will enable us to show and offer you volunteer works in those schools, civic centres, programs or even activities that we do.

So, you will receive promotion and visibility for your volunteer activities without extra effort! 


Is your app closed to a specific type of volunteering?

Not at all! Our app is an “eBay” or an “Amazon” for volunteering. A free platform, open to all themes and NGOs, big or small, on which your organization can upload its volunteer works, which will automatically appear in the mobile app. Through it, young people will be able to see all the information you provide about volunteering, and they will be able to sign up by contacting you or directly through the app (in this case, through your portal you will see who has signed up and when).

Is there any kind of danger for the NGO to have volunteers registered online?

Of course not! Young people will have access to all the volunteer-related information you give through the mobile app, and they will be able to sign up either directly through the app or by contacting you. If you choose to have volunteers sign up via the app, you will be able to see their profiles, the date they signed up, and the information you need. The finest part is that you may view the evaluation made to that individual during prior volunteer work immediately from the online NGO portal. We also need the volunteer's parent or guardian to sign an authorization. The HelpUp team will be in charge of getting in touch with the volunteers and gathering the relevant paperwork if your volunteer project needs any additional approvals, including the okay to transfer image rights.

Does it have any cost? Do you ask for something in return?

We currently provide the service for free because we are a growing initiative and because we are just getting started. At the moment For the time, we will only ask you to rate your volunteers on a scale of 1 to 10 once they have completed their service. Your volunteers will receive their points in the app as a result, and it won't take you longer than three minutes. And that's it! We don't ask for more from you!

Regarding advertisement, what advantages does HelpUp have over other media?

HelpUp is not like a "bus stop billboard" in terms of how you can advertise. At HelpUp, the people who will see you will be mostly young people interested in the world of volunteering. It is far more effective than Instagram advertising, where you will find it difficult to gain new followers, and the users you will draw there will be few. When you use HelpUp, your relevance will be larger than on social networks, where you will be viewed by people from all over the world who have little to no connection to your campaign.

What other advantages does the app have?

You can ensure that your NGO will be visible online with HelpUp. These days, this kind of promotion is crucial. Also, you have considerably more information available in your HelpUp advertising than in a poster. You may include videos, photographs, text, links, and more. Not only that, but you can also make it possible for your volunteers to sign up for volunteer sessions via the app if that is more convenient for you. If your volunteering is a one-off activity and/or that does not require strictly personalized attention, you will not have to answer calls, just see who you have signed up and that's it.