Forest Cleanup in Collserola

Last Sunday, March 12, we went to the Collserola Natural Park, in Barcelona, ​​to carry out an intensive garbage collection. What was the best part? It was the great collaboration from our volunteers and... the 417 kg of garbage that we collected!

Alex Cabrera

3/16/20231 min read

Last Sunday (March 12) we had the opportunity to organize our first volunteer work. We wanted to celebrate the inauguration of HelpUp as a functional app and available to the public. Volunteering was widely accepted by the public; we managed to gather a large number of volunteers, both young and not so young.

At first, we distributed hats and gloves to all our volunteers, and sold sweatshirts to those who wanted them. In a reserved space, an employee of the Natural Park office explained to us which were the most necessary points to clean. With the help of all the volunteers, we managed to collect a total of 417 kg of garbage in just about two hours!

After picking up the garbage, we proceeded to the awards ceremony. The winners did not only get a sweet treat prize, but they also earned extra points in the app. Finally, all the volunteers received their points in the app for participating in volunteering.

From HelpUp we want to thank you for your great collaboration, for your generosity and for your dedication to volunteering. We are looking forward to counting on you for the next activities that we organize!